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Who We Are


Stop asking over and over how evil comes into the world. It has always been here. Let go of Hitler, be pitiless and deny the perpetrators their dark glory. Despise them.

Over here! Look at these people, face the real mystery:


Across The Sea And Beyond

In July 1904 a big ocean liner is docked in Antwerp, ready to start its journey to New York. While people come and go on the ship, a lady in a white evening dress is able to board the ship unnoticed. Not quite unnoticed, however - due to her fabulous dress and her beauty, some people do ...

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Children Of Disobedience

The Love Story of Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora

One of the most scandalous love stories of history: a renegade monk marries a run-away nun, and in the process our understanding of love between man and woman takes on a historically new meaning. So too the love between God and people, and with it our very understanding of religion. This is the ...

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The Immortal Family Salz

A beer cellar, a luxury hotel and a grandmother who dies twice over…

Resplendent with glamour but overcast by many a shadow, the story of the Salz family centres on Leipzig's up-market Fürstenhof hotel. Salz Sr. buys it in 1914, but his actress daughter Lola refuses to ...

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Good morning, Mr. Mendelssohn

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy was one of the greatest musicians and music patrons of the Romantic movement. Grandson of the great philosopher Moses Mendelssohn, he came from a respected, well-to-do Jewish family that converted to Christianity. His Grand Tour took him not to the "classically" ...

Stay Away from Gretchen

An impossible love story

A great love during dark times

A young woman, an African-American Gi and the secret of a forbidden love

The well-known Cologne news anchor Tom Monderath is worried about his 84-year-old mother Greta, who is growing increasingly forgetful. What was initially an ...

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Where the Heart Lives

Back to Hampton Hall

The United States, 1855. Abigail, the former Lady of Mahony, takes on a dangerous mission. Her destination is New York - and retrieving a valuable statue in which she once had hidden all of her jewelry. The statue was stolen from her family and then ...

Volume: 3

The Village Teacher

A courageous young woman. Themagic of knowledge and education

Tannau in the Berchtesgaden region, shortly before World War I. As Antonie Weber, trained as a teacher in Munich, takes up her first post in the mountain village of Tannau, she is met with an avalanche of ...

Words and Wonders

Fall and rise of a bookselling family

Who needs books when there isn't enough butter to put on the bread? Everyone who has ever dreamt of a new beginning...

It is a matter of survival, but young Ruth, the daughter of a bookseller family, refuses to only think about the butter for the bread. Her father devoted ...

The Shark has Pretty Teeth, Dear

Strong women in hard times

Berlin 1922. Medical consultant to the police, Magda Fuchs is called to a horrifying crime scene: having been stabbed a young mother died at the side of her child. Magda and Inspector Kuno Mehring wonder if this seemingly pointless murder belongs ...

Volume: 2

Clara Schumann – Daughter of Music

"The practice of art, indeed, comprises a great part of who I am. It is the air that I breathe!" Clara Schumann, in a letter to Johannes Brahms

A day before her twenty-first birthday, Clara, the piano prodigy, marries the man that she has loved ever since he came to her ...


Departement Store of Hope

A Decade of Promises

Berlin, 1928: The Lichtenstein is more brilliant than ever and can hold its own against the big
department stores. But the world wide economic crisis abruptly clips the wings of the highflying
business. For the friends Hedi, Thea and Ella, ...

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Volume: 2