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Children Of Disobedience

The Love Story of Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora

One of the most scandalous love stories of history: a renegade monk marries a run-away nun, and in the process our understanding of love between man and woman takes on a historically new meaning. So too the love between God and people, and with it our very understanding of religion. This is the ...

Rights sold: Korea, USA

The Brotherhood of Magus

In his cleverly constructed debut thriller Arno Strobel takes us back to the time immediately after the events of 1945. While bombed-out Europe is being rebuilt, a few incorrigible Germans are devising an insane plan. Following their charismatic leader "Magus", the Simonian brotherhood ...

Rights sold: The Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic

Notes from an Insect Collector

Old-Fashioned Stories

The horrors and magic of the past

Artists, loners, highly gifted individuals - Stefan aus dem Siepen's heroes pursue extraordinary passions, which all too often threaten their very existence. An insect collector's life is thrown into question when he realizes that, despite all of ...

Nothing Besides Myself

The lives of other - the loves of others

Relationship stories, twisted love stories, stories about loneliness, and stories about the hunger for stories. Andreas Schimmelbusch's heroes are on the run: from themselves, from their lives. They are driven across great distances ...

Light and Sound

How do you get to grips with your life?

Johanna can't believe that she and Boris have never even kissed. Ana-Clara, Boris's Portuguese girlfriend can't be the reason. Johanna always wants to know exactly what's going on - and why. How come one of her classmates made another one his slave, ...

The Airship

Senior Councillor Neise has decided to cross the Atlantic to America in the luxurious zeppelin Berlin. It's the 1920s, the world is filled with motion and Neise is eager to escape the humdrum routine of his desk job. But it soon becomes all too evident that there's something fishy going on ...

The Book of Impositions

We really oughtn't drive. It's too undemanding. But are we not constantly exposed to all sorts of minor irritations on the train as well? Do we just need to turn a deaf ear more often? What's happened to common courtesy? Can an artist be badly dressed? Why is mediocrity so often a success?

The Giant

Tilman Wölzinger was supposed to be a roofer - just like his father and grandfather before him - but it wasn't long before his size prevented him from following in the footsteps of his forbears. At seventeen he reached a height of two meters six, and now, at two metres ...

Rights sold: France, Korea

Vera's Daughter

To this day, Katharina doesn't know why her lover disappeared… or where to. Did he leave her? Or might he have ended up being murdered? One day she chances upon the novel Frau Sartoris and can't get it out of her mind because it seems to be telling her own story. A ...

Rights sold: Turkey

Minor Transgressions

Selma Craiss wakes up one morning and finds she's in love - but not with her long-standing partner Wolfgang. As a well-versed cultural theorist, she immediately sets about stifling her embryonic feelings beneath a thick layer of analytical interpretation in order to nip this ...

De-coding the Butterflies

Peter Nauten leads the life of an amiable loner in post-war Germany. He is forced to accept early on that he's unlikely to achieve much as far as acceptable middle-class values are concerned. His classical language studies end in disaster, he soon gets sacked from his position in an ...

Frau Sartoris

At first sight, Margarethe Sartoris seems a perfectly normal, unassuming woman. She lives in a small German village and respects her lethargic, routine-bound husband Ernst, loves her mother-in-law and has a headstrong daughter. Even though she refuses to allow herself any high-flying ...

Rights sold: English language, Turkey