The Little Saboteur Within Us

Identifying and resolving our subconscious resistance

Your inner critic is calling? Call back!

The little saboteur is an element of our personality. It is the reason why we often take things that are important to us to a certain point, but fail to see them through to the end. It is because of this saboteur that we can give others good advice that we never make use of ourselves as we torpedo our own goals. The more we learn about our personal saboteur, the more successful we will be at foiling its sabotage attempts and shedding outdated assumptions and beliefs. The author has developed a concept that distinguishes itself from previous approaches on how to deal with inner resistance. This method focuses on giving problems a certain shape and then conceptualizing these in a playful manner. The reader will be guided through assuming various roles and developing solutions that utilize both curiosity and fantasy.

  • A manual that offers creative problem-solving strategies that are “tried and tested”
  • For all those interested in the concept of the inner critic


dtv Ratgeber
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34949-9
3. Auflage 2019
Rights sold: Italy